Outsourcing in Bangladesh

Outsourcing in Bangladesh, where Outsourcing means online work in an online marketplace where all the work and projects transfer to a third party. Online market place means that where we can earn money by doing a computer related job based on internet. I think outsourcing is a very easy job as it can do with internet browsing. Now a days Data entry, call center outsourcing, Graphic designs, Web design, Search Engine Optimization etc. are the major sectors in Outsourcing. In our Asia one of the fastest progressive country is our Bangladesh. The young generation of our country can collectively change the standard and also the status of our country. But there are some kinds of problem, i.e. poor education system, unemployment, political unrest and instability, slow internet service etc. which are needed to be developed. Outsourcing is the one kind of way to reduce our most important problem unemployment. The Government of our country needs to take various types of initiative to take forward Outsourcing in Bangladesh in the online marketplace. Government needs to improve our education system and they can also add basic computer related subject from secondary school. Because the basic and advance knowledge of computer can create a more efficient freelancer for Outsourcing in Bangladesh.